I am a Teacher

The highest rated Math 114 teaching assistant ever at The University of Pennsylvania

Semester after semester, students give me stellar reviews. Why? I care about each student individually, dedicate more time and effort than any other TA, and provide an abundance of material for my students to succeed.

I try to encorporate both new technological innovations and student feedback into my teaching every semester. For example, I am the only TA in any department to record my recitations for students.


I am a Student

Double Major + Dual Degree Student between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School

I study Mathematics and Economics in the College, and Statistics in Wharton. In doing so, I am one of the 0.5 percent of students pursuing a triple major at Penn.

I am also one of a handful of students who have completed 8+ courses in multiple semesters. Despite the immense workload, I have excelled in every class, achieving Dean's List recognition each year.



Research Assistant at Penn Wharton Budget Model

Since Freshman year I have been a research assistant for the Penn Wharton Budget Model. My research has revolved around applying econometric methods to health and macro economics. In the future, I would like to focus on applying mathematical models in economics, like in the fields of Industrial Organization or Micro Theory.